Dark Sun

Behind the Face

exploring the inner sanctum....

The adventures take a short rest after barely managing to move through the powerful sand-hurricane-like storm. We come upon the ‘face in the stone’. Once we are within the caves, a group of strange burrowing monsters ambush us. We quickly dispatched them using the magic wielder to wreck havoc on them as they grouped together to attack us, however, during the fight, two obelisks disguised as the front two massive teeth of the face begin to spot electrical energy and attacking us until we are able to turn off the device. With our rapidly depleting resources of both items and rest, we attempt to do an extended rest in one of the tunnels of the cavern inside. We setup a trap to warn us of upcoming “visitors”, however, before any of us have a chance to get any shuteye the trap springs. We reluctantly decide to permanently remove our guests before trying again. Going down a narrow cavern, we spot a large stream of water, however, we spot two odd looking and misplaced reeds in the water. Further inspection reveals them to be antenna of a small Thule fledgling. A few good hits and a critical finish off the Thule, however, it leaves a rather disgusting filament on-top of the water. Crossing the water, we stumble onto a small liar of seasoned bandits. A large fight ensues with us on the losing end for some time. We managed to finally dispatch all of the bandits except the leader. He tells us several things about the cavern and mentions that he must protect what is behind the door with his life and attempts once more to attack before we finally kill him.

Party loot:

  • Amethyst (100 gp) from Hedjkins Face in the Stone
  • Orange gem (100 gp) from Hedjkins Face in the Stone
  • key
  • 217 gold



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