In his natural state, Vern appears like any changeling from Ebberon. He is somewhat tall, approximately 5’7”, slim, lean muscular build, though he has cut his hair quite short, his white hair still takes roughly to the wind. Rarely is Vern in this form.

His normal form mimics that of the Athasian Villichi. Standing about 6’4” tall, slender, athletically built with long legs trained for running and fighting. An ancient Egyptian back half head long haired tight braid and white as the snow, on the tips of the Ringing Mountains. A piercing stare of green eyes. She is very unique and goes by the name Zala.

Vern’s last personality is Bryon. Byron mimics Zala except in male form and a few inches even taller. Bryon stands at 6’7”. The maximum height of Vern’s changeling shifting powers. Bryon’s ego is that of a thief and a quick merchant. He has casted Byron into the merchant’s ranks by having him become a dune trader.


Vern is a changeling from his mother’s side. He is a first-born son and heir to a castle and land in the land of Eberron. However, when his father discovered that he was a changeling as the trait had carried down, he was banished to a temple far away. When a street prophet carried three prophecies against the lord, the last being that his son would kill him and take over his throne, he had the child, only at about six years old, banished from the world itself. The Traveler, one of the Dark Six in Eberron and the street prophet, guided the dark magic used to banish Vern to Athas. Once on Athas, Thatari, a villichi warlord, found him while traveling. Thatari managed to somehow convince the other master monks to allow Vern to train in the Villichi monasteries. As soon as he could, he altered his form to become a villichi in appearance and took the name Zala. As Thatari’s stories about the wild nature of Athas grew larger than life, he become more and more interested in adventuring. When his request to leave was turned down, he ran away. He somehow managed to make it Tyr just as the battle against Kalak was starting. Using his shapeshift abilities, he ran some complex scams against some powerful black market dealers. He managed to escape once again, after the fall of Kalak, he fled to Nibenay for both fear of being found out and to track down Thatari. Roughly a year past before he managed to find her. During which, he refined his fighting techniques and tested them by working a few small escort missions. He also created the alias/personality Byron, a dune trader that mostly deals in black market goods. Once he found Thatari, he worked a few missions with the party on behalf of Benn Nal. Now adventuring back to Tyr to find new work, he is both on the look out against any enemies that may have found out his secrets and worried that his new line of work may find their own.


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