Our adventure begins with your party’s arrival in Tyr traveling from Nibenay. You first considered traveling there upon hearing that Kalak the hated sorcerer-king of Tyr has been killed. Even more amazing, you hear that the Tyrian slaves have been freed. With so many bewildered former slaves unsure of their place in this brave new world, opportunities for work (especially your kind of work) will be plentiful.

Hailing from various parts of the Tyr region, you meet each other in Nibenay through knowing a mutual friend, an old half elf named Benn Nal, also known as Benner the Raver. He is known as Benner the Raver because of his tendency to rant for a half hour or more about one conspiracy theory or another. This reputation isolates Benn Nal from the rest of his community, which suits him just fine. Benn Nal’s real passion is slaves, namely the freeing of slaves. While he appears to conduct legitimate trade as the only source of a particular wine vintage in Nibenay, he outwardly plays the role of reclusive kook while privately hiring vigilantes to shepherd worthy slaves out to the tablelands.

That’s where you come in. You may not originate from Nibenay, but this is the town where you have made your fortune. You have been hired at various times by Benn Nal (financed by his unknown patrons) to smuggle out and defend various escaped and rescued slaves. The party has met each other before, has worked together in various combinations, and has a similar distaste for slavery.

The upheaval in Tyr is unsettling to all in Nebenay. Political intrigue immediately increases. Rumors abound that Nibenay the sorcerer-king himself has reappeared. New Templars appear and formerly powerful mid-level templars disappear. Hearing from Benn Nal that he needs to lay low for a while, you all realize that it will be some time before his commissions resume. A trip to Tyr seeking mercenary commissions seems the best bet for regular work.

You set off for Tyr, concerned for the changes in Nibenay but also needful of regular work.


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