Dark Sun

Starting the Adventure with a bang!

...and not ending in a whimper.

So we start our journey in the City of Tyr, Benn Nal having given us the location of a well-known tavern that would offer us a few jobs for our line of work. A half-giant named Karlen approached us and offered us a treasure hunt for a place coined ‘the Face in the Stone’. He stated that a few well trusted caravan masters had mentioned the place from their passing by. They said that it appeared that a good treasure awaited those that would remove those in possession of the treasure. He gave us the best directions he could give us with what he knew or so it at least appeared. The party promised a return in 16 days otherwise, he should assume that we had be killed or captured.

We talked to the barkeep, Vocefus, he knows well of Karlen or at least believes him as a good patron in his bar. We were told by Karlen to talk to him once we return and he will put out word that we are both back and ready to meet with Karlen again.

As we were leaving, several remarks are made against ‘the Face in the Stone’ about how only a foolish tale would mind the feet of adventurers. As our half-giant, Gauthak, was exiting the door a dwarf messenger passed off a wax sealed letter that he quickly pocketed without yet reading.

Once we had completely exited the tavern several ruffians appeared commanded by a Templar of Hamanu, the Sorcerer-King of Urik. He yelled off that we were being added to the fold by painful initiation and we should be pleased to join him. A few punches, bashes and slashes, by our rogue Quinn, the ruffians had been killed, or they had run off. The Templar was given a quick chance to surrender, however, he feinted, failed and was fatally cut by the monk, Zala. As the party knew the Tyrian guard would soon be upon them, the monk cut the robes off of the Templar, while the Villichi, Thatari intruded on his mind to find any sort of details as to why the Templar attacked us. Thatari came away with a image of the Templar’s family being held hostage. Zala beheaded the Templar and removed his right hand, as they were making their escape Zala tossed the head into a fire pit and gave the chef 5gp for ruining the spit. The Templar’s identity has been removed and his name, Sarhan, was found in the seam of the cloak.

The party quickly leaves from Tyr and begins to head towards the location of ‘the Face in the Stone’. Now that we finally have the time to rummage through the remains of the Templar, we find 550 gp, a pot of ink, three needles, and several insignias of Urik.

We manage to have a streak of good luck and cover a good distance towards ‘the Face’ in a total of 4 days. The party is very confident that we are going in the direction that is correct.

The session ends with the party facing large crystalline webs jotting from around the rocks that we have to pass through on our way to ‘the Face in the Stone’



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