Dark Sun

Into the Eye of the Storm

Nothing left, but everything to gain.

The party picks up where it left off; stumbling across an area of spider’s home. Several unusual and blue cacti also grow nearby. A brief investigation and the ambush starts with a large spider and two smaller counterparts crawling over the rocks. Several hard hits were both given and had; Gauthak and Thatari were both dropped, however, the rogue Quinn steps in, abusing the effect the monk left on the last two remaining spiders, drops the large spider with a solid hit and with the effect triggering to finish off the last spider.

The party takes a full rest to regain health, powers and points.

This day starts Day 6 of our journey. A reminder that we only have 10 days left on our promise to the merchant.

A few hours journey and we make a way through a pass that is held in a chaotic, yet controlled sand storm that swirls powerfully and loudly. Descending from a hill, we are spotted by a band of raiders. A quick try at diplomacy, by mimicking the Templar, to settle the bout without conflict only ends in disaster. Gauthak swings hard and heavy against the first enemy nearly dropping him with his war-hammer. Zala (Vern) heads towards some of the captives that the band is using to test the abilities of the storm. She slams a good hit into the biggest foe she first encounters. Alaer hits with a solid spell, however, is stunned by a critical from an opponent. Quinn darts off and throws several throwing stars dispatching the smaller, yet more annoying folks. She then moves in for the kill against the much more powerful foes. Thatari weaves in and out, landing a few good punches and withdrawing to help heal and stabilize fellow party members. A few solid rounds pass, with several near death experiences, but bouncing back we successfully finish off every member of the raiding band. Thatari presses the last remaining foe’s mind for any information. She comes back with images of a leader character that runs the raiding band and several images of powerful conquest.

The party questions the remaining 6 captives about both the raiding band and any information about where they came from, heading, etc. They inform the party that they were traveling towards a small dwarven settlement, looking to trade obsidian. However, they were ambushed by the raiding band and taken captive. They don’t know where exactly the raiding band was headed. The caravan is gracious for their freedom, leaving us to collect the gold they had planned to use for a reward and the leader of the caravan giving us a potion of what he claims has healing properties, however, he has never checked nor had to use it.

After a successful streetwise check, we are able to identify the raiding party by the tattoos on their inner arm of a snake skull. The leader is named Yarnath, the Skull. Yarnath operates several raiding parties via his mysterious citadel coined ‘Slither’. Which is rumored to be perverse and seeping with dark arcane magic.

Though many of the party’s resources have been expended; we press on into the storm. We fail horribly each time. However, each time we are able to press further through the storm. We finally make it through, with Quinn being the last and nearly failing on the last push through. Now, the party stands in awe of the ‘face in the stone’ which is centered in the eye of the storm.

A short rest, and we delve ever deeper…



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